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Do you fancy, a frog on a stick or a grilled millipede for your lunch today?

Let me tell you more…

Frog on a stick tastes a bit like chicken. It’s barbecued at the roadside and served with chilli sauce. But you’ll have to visit my website to see it.

They are actually bull frogs – the really fat frogs which have a loud croak (when they’re still alive). Your frog on a stick will cost you about 30 Baht (1USD) for a fat one. If that doesn’t whet your appetite – how about some grilled millipede?

This giant millipede is often found during the rainy season in Phuket. It’s full of protein. So the locals impale it on a stick and toss it on the bbq.

Still not hungry?

Why don’t you try some mangled squid? This guy comes right to our office almost every day… You can see the squid strung across the top of his cart – a bit like a squid washing-line.

When he has a customer he runs the squid through a mangle until it’s very flat. And serves it with chilli sauce and crushed peanuts. It’s very tasty if you like fish.

And for dessert…

The locals love this bright pink stuff. It’s called ‘oh-aeoh’ and originates from Penang in Malaysia.

The jelly is made with bananas and Chinese herbs. It’s served with shaved ice, red beans, grass jelly and red syrup. Apparently it is very refreshing.

The best place to get it is in Phuket Town. There are two famous ‘oh-aeoh’ stalls, ‘Oh-aeoh’s Pae Eng’ and ‘Oh-aeoh’s Ko Roj’.

Still not tempted?

Maybe this will get your taste buds going…

This place has been open for over 50 years and it’s always busy. It doesn’t have a name. But locals know it as ‘Roti Nam Geang See Yak Taew Nam’. Because they go for the Roti Nam Geang.

Unlike the sweet rotis you find everywhere in Phuket – this one is served with curry. You have a choice of chicken, beef or fish. Or you can have your roti with a couple of fried eggs – sunny side up!

Still not impressed?

OK. Let’s get even more conventional.

This small restaurant opened in 1917. It’s called Boonrat Dim Sum. The founder came from mainland China. First, he opened a small stall selling just one kind of Chinese dumplings (Siu Mai). But his dumplings were so popular, he extended his range and opened his first shop.

Now there are 3 in Phuket Town. They sell many types of freshly prepared dim sum with pork, shrimp and crab. And they have a good range of Chinese herbal soups. The shops are open from 6am to 11am daily. But go early if you want the best choice.

This Chinese-Thai cafe opened in 1999 at the On On Hotel in Phuket Town…

Its name is Kopi de Phuket – Kopi means coffee in Thai. So as you’d expect, you can get a really good cup here. My choice is the black Kopi Aor. It’s brewed from beans grown in northern Thailand. But the best thing about Kopi de Phuket is the food.

They serve some real Chinese delicacies such as Monk Jumps Over the Queen of Sweden, the Dubai Royal Family and numerous celebrities have eaten here. But it’s not the kind of fine-dining place you would imagine. Raya Restaurant is set in a 90 year-old Sino-Chinese shop house in Phuket Town. The food is traditional Chinese; crispy chicken, spring rolls and duck with gravy.

If you need more convincing:

A Chinese friend of mine gave the restaurant a glowing review, saying; “I will absolutely go back again”.

Raya restaurant has no need to advertise. So book early if you want to eat – it’s always full. I hope some of that takes your fancy. Personally, I think they beat McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Hut any day. (Mind you, I’m not sure about the grilled millipede)

And I promise – if we meet for lunch in Phuket – you can choose the place and the food.


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Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative Launches New Guidebook

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“A billion people rely on fish as their primary source of protein. A quarter of species caught are thrown back in the sea or discarded – usually dead.”

I was in Peter Goffe-Wood [Food Alchemist] kitchen in Woodstock, attending the launch of the new Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative [SASSI] along with other media and supporters such as Woolworths, I&J and Pick ‘n Pay to name a few.

After we had just watched a short video on our depleting ocean, we were assigned by Peter and his team to our work stations were we would cook up some recipes using the green [best choice] fish. One thing that stood out for me, as I chopped up parsley and gerkins for the tartar sauce, was that this wasn’t another ‘gloom’ conservation story, as our hostess from John Brown Media commented.

SASSI is about making the right choices from the consumer, to the restaurant or retail owner, to the men on the boats bringing in the fish. Their system incorporates various different levels of the ‘food chain’ – including the MSC logo on the packaging for the food, the Responsible Fisheries Alliance for the fisherman, to a pocket size guide for the consumer.

The original drafted pocket guide, published early in 2005, excluded imported species, as well as aquaculture species. Tuna was grouped as one and the red [Don’t Buy] fish only had fish that were prohibited from being sold by law.

The new original drafted pocket guide is more comprehensive and includes a wide variety of species. They have also made it possible for consumers if they can’t find the fish in their guide, or forgot their guide at home, to simply sms 079 499 8795 and you’ll get an sms answer straight away informing you whether the fish is green, orange or red.

Dr Samantha Petersen of WWF’s Sustainable Fisheries Programme says, “The new methodology has allowed us to address gaps in the previous SASSI listing process such as the impact of fishing methods and fish farming. Also because it is internationally recognised and adopted, it has allowed us to compare and share our species assessments with other countries that import our seafood or to draw assessments from an international database for seafood imported into South Africa.”

John crushed the last of the capers for the tartar sauce and William [Woolworths] finished up the last of the crumbed hake. After a quick deep-frying our creation was whisked away to be tasted by all. Other dishes came our way including a luxuries mussels in cream sauce (with a touch of fennel) crumbed calamari with what I believe was a mustard sauce, as well as Thai-fish cakes (served with a hot dipping sauce) and angel fish dressed in lemon (and pesto I think) on boiled potatoes and courgettes. Each one a mouth sensation as well as a recipe created by Peter and his team. You can download SASSI recipes to use with your green-listed fish from the website or from the Recipe Booklet.

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The Truffle Season – How And When to Buy Fresh Truffles

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You’ve heard people rave about truffles, how oh-so indescribably delicious they are, how luxurious, how it reminds them of that fabulous little restaurant in the French countryside. They’ve piqued your curiosity and now YOU are finally ready to try the elusive delicacy, only, it seems like they’re nowhere to be found.

You can easily find truffles preserved, but there’s nothing like the flavor and aroma of a fresh truffle, which is what gourmands are enamored with. Find a chef, and ask him or her about truffles. They’ll instantly go into ecstasy, trying to describe that pungent aroma, that earthy flavor. Truffles are so incredibly sought after, yet so rare, that they’re the definition of a luxury item.

Like any produce or vegetable, there are times when truffles are in season and times when they’re not. There are two major types of truffles, black and white, and they’re harvested during the winter. Black ones are found primarily in France and Italy, but the white truffle is only found in Italy. Italian truffles, white Italian truffles most specifically, are so very rare and so very hard to find, and the season is so short, that overall they’re worth almost any price. Summer truffles do exists, and nice enough, but they’re nowhere near as intense as the winter varieties.

The most incredible thing about truffles is that they’re not “grown”. Meaning, there are no fields with neatly planted rows of truffles waiting for the harvest period, like one would imagine. They grow wild, with no intervention, wherever the mushroom feels like. To make things even more complicated, truffles grow underground, so you cant see them at all! Only the special, super-sensitive noses of “truffle-sniffing” dogs and pigs seem to be able to spot where the elusive mushrooms are buried

Add to this the short time span of the truffle season of, and it should give you an idea of why they’re so expensive and sell so quickly when they’re planning fresh truffle menus, you must plan around the season. Its not hard to do, since depending on weather they’ll be available at the same time each year.


White truffles are in season starting in October, and the season lasts a few short months. Italian truffles when in season are overnight from Italy every few days.

Black Truffles, both in France and Italy, are available starting in December through February. They’re also flown overnight every few days, but they’re more readily available than Italian truffles.

Sometimes the season will start earlier or later, and last a couple of months or more. This depends entirely on weather patterns; so once you hear they’re available, make your move!

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Taste The Oriental Indian Cuisine at Saffron Orlando

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Visitors to Orlando Florida often find it hard to choose a place to eat. They miss great dining at a variety of restaurants which are both delicious and quite affordable. To dine at a place where you will receive only the best cuisine coupled with top quality service, you must visit Saffron Indian Cuisine in Orlando. The best gourmet dining in Orlando awaits you in a dining atmosphere which is as beautiful as the surrounding area.

The Best Indian Restaurant – Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant is known as one of the top restaurants in Florida. Its gourmet cuisine focuses on Indian foods and fine wines. The menu includes mouth watering appetizers, Curry dishes are best eaten with Indian tandoor breads. Rice dishes can be the second half of your meal or a complete meal by itself. Sweet desserts fulfill your cravings for sweet at the end of any meal.

Ever since Saffron Indian Cuisine opened as Orlando’s Finest Indian Cuisine Restaurant, it has been included in every Orlando diners’ list of places to eat. Visitors rarely come across such high quality Indian cuisine and impressive wines. A full sound system at Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant with its very own live music entertains guests every night. This fine restaurant is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Orlando, FL, in the modern and up-tempo Dr. Phillips Plaza of the Sand Lake exit on Interstate 4 (I-4).

Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant is an Indian restaurant in Florida which offers a distinctly Indian fine dining experience. With excellent sophisticated interiors and top quality service, eating at this restaurant provides ideal culinary satisfaction for your hunger pangs. It leaves every fine dining connoisseur replete with a sense of gastronomic delight. It is a must for any dinner or lunch.

Lunch menu specials include both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes. The all time favorites found anywhere or anytime in all Vegetarian Indian restaurants are offered as lunch specials.

Mutter Paneer could have your children licking the creamy sauce in surprise without having realized of having eaten their peas! The Shahi Navratan Korma places a mix of delectable choice of fresh vegetables cooked to perfection au juice with creamy gravy. You can never forget the taste of the vegetables in this dish. The Aaloo Palak is a combination of delicious tandoor potatoes and creamy spinach to satisfy even the die-hard steak and potatoes man-without the adverse effects of read meat of course. The Chana Masala is a sweet and spicy gravy-like preparation of chick peas with a multiple of herbs. It is best appreciated with Indian tandoor breads. The vegetarian Malai Kofta is a tongue tantalizer providing an ideal non vegetarian substitute.

Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant is an elegant Indian restaurant which has been open for sometime now and is known as one of the premier eatery in central Florida. The restaurant is perfect for wedding events with its state of the art dining hall which can cater to a large number of guests.

Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant offers a relaxed, stylish eating experience that might leave you a bit in oriental land. The glamour and charm of Indian culture set in the modern global sophistication takes away your breath. The famed Indian caring hospitality draws the ordinary as well as the celebrities alike for repeated enjoyable visits.

To Know More For Information Visit Us Our Website.

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Popular Cuisine In The UK

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UK consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is an island nation that dates back hundreds of years. In the UK there are a numerous traditional dishes that have been consumed for years and are considered as national treasures.

Though UK is full of history, when it comes to food, there are other nations which offer greater imagination and variety. Generally British food is bland and rather boring. As a result many British people enjoy food from other parts of the globe such as China, India and various European countries. However, there are still a many well loved dishes from the UK and these include:

The Roast. This dish consist of roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and several vegetables. It is quite a favoured meal of many British folk on Sundays as it takes a long duration to cook and people tend to have more time on Sunday rather then any other day of the week. The beef is roasted in the oven along with with potatoes and served with a number of vegetables such as beans and carrots together with Yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire pudding itself is a batter which that is derived from a baked mixture consisting of flour, milk and eggs.

Fish and Chips. Once upon a time considered a poor man’s meal but in the last 30 or so years with the increase in the price of fish, this dish has become altogether very expensive. Fish and chips consist of fried fish such as cod, haddock and plaice together with fries which are referred to as chips in the UK. Generally, it is take away dish where the food is purchased from a fish and chip food outlet and taken home for consumption.

Bangers and Mash. A dish that consist of fried or grilled sausages (of the flavoured variety) and potatoes in the mashed form. A very simple dish as it is easy to prepare and cook, it is especially popular with kids.

While the British excel at many things, cooking is not a strong forte. As a result dishes such as curry from India and sweet and sour food from China are very popular with the locals. European and American food such as pizza and burgers are also readily consumed.

In recent years, the popularity of curry is such that, it has effectively taken over traditional dishes to become the national dish. The introduction of curry to the UK came about as a result of immigration of people from the Asia subcontinent. The richness of the various curries has led to more and more people eating curry based dishes.

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Benefits of Introducing Rice in Your Diet

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“Benefits of Introducing Rice in Your Diet” can be a real winner to the type of healthy lifestyle you’d desire, because this popular food source is one of the most healthful additions you can make to your diet choices.

Some of the many benefits of including rice in your meals are the ability to provide the body with a quick and practically instant energy, help your body maintain the proper bowel movements and provide the body with the essential B vitamins it requires. It also helps sugar levels in the human body by avoiding sudden and abrupt spikes.

Some of the little less known benefits include skin care, the prevention of heart disease and dysentery. Also, the fact that rice is one of the most allergy free grains in the world, gluten and cholesterol free, plus very low in fat, means that it is a one of the healthier food choices available.

This food can be eaten as an only meal or prepared with numerous other foods to give you a larger, more nutritious offering. Although many cooking techniques tell you to rinse the rice prior to and after cooking, what you’re doing in reality, is washing away the many natural nutrients that are part of this foods healthy benefits.

It is a very low cost food and is a real staple in many countries of the world.

It can be cooked very easily, and doesn’t require any fancy cookware. Some people do buy rice cookers though, because they will produce absolutely perfect rice, each and every time, providing you follow the directions for its use.

Studies have shown that the consumption of rice has definitely increased by 40% in the last 2 decades, while other research indicates that there are more than 40,000 different varieties of rice, although only about 10% of that portion is actually processed and sold in the marketplace.

When it is all said and done, you must eat the right kind of healthy foods and get plenty of daily exercise, so you’ll be able to burn off all those calories you’ve added during the course of your regular day.

Rice is therefore, more than just an ordinary staple in your kitchen, because it is way to versatile and can be cooked by steaming, microwave, baking, boiling or prepared in an electric rice cooker. It can also be used for preparing multiple meals and it’s the basis for many tasty and mouth-watering recipes that range all the way from breakfast to lunch, dinner, dessert and your nighttime snacks.

Regretfully, because of processing techniques, white rice is stripped of its natural properties which include fiber, proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium and potassium. If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients in a bag or box of white rice, you’ll have noticed it says “enriched.” This is mainly because it is full of added fortifications and additives, because this stripping process removes the natural elements. It is actually so deficient in nutrients, it doesn’t even supply the minimum daily requirements recommended by the Food & Drug Administration. It is because of this that the rice has to be chemically altered with vitamins and iron to be sold in this country’s supermarkets.

This is, of course, the main reason why brown rice is so much higher in the minerals and vitamins such as fiber, proteins, etc.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms through a study they implemented, that “brown rice” is by far, the healthier choice for you rice grains.

Brown rice is very high in selenium, which is an important trace mineral that helps to reduce our chances of developing certain types of cancer, along with heart disease, inflammatory conditions and rheumatoid arthritis.

It also contains over 80% of the daily requirements of manganese, which helps the human body develop the crucial fatty acids that make the healthy forms of cholesterol(HDL) and is beneficial to maintaining the health of our nervous and reproductive systems.Brown rice hangs on to the healthy type of oils and can help reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol in the body.

Six to eight servings of brown rice weekly, will help lower the development of plaque within the artery walls and reduce the chance of contracting high cholesterol and heart disease.

Some studies have associated the high use of whole grains, such as brown rice, with declining rates of colon cancer. The fiber adheres to cancer-causing substances and toxins, and helps to eliminate them from our body, and keep them from clinging to the cells in our colon.

Brown rice also all the proper components to stabilize digestion, prevent or relieve constipation and promote the proper elimination.I realize that a lot of people affiliate antioxidants with blueberries or green tea, but most likely don’t realize that brown rice is another source of antioxidants.

Brown rice releases its sugar slowly, which helps to keep your blood sugar stabilized and in a contained fashion, making this a vast improvement for those suffering with diabetes, compared to the stripped down version. Studies in Asia show a definite link between eating white rice and the risk of type 2 diabetes, new research indicates that those individuals that consume at least two servings of brown rice weekly, can reduce their chance of developing diabetes from 2% up to 11%.

Of course, if you can find Organic Brown Rice, this is a better choice, but if you can’t buy organic, make the switch from white rice to the brown rice and take that first initial step to improving your health.

The majority of doctors recommend to their patients that have diabetes, to include brown rice over white rice in their diets. It has very high levels of neurotransmitter nutrients that help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and is also highly favorable in aiding the production of sex hormones, as well as the normal functioning of the nervous system.

In summation, you can easily see that rice is very versatile in terms of flavoring options and the ability to compliment other foods and should be a staple in your household as well

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Vegetarian Panini For Your Vegan Needs

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Vegetarian Panini For Your Vegan Needs

Being a vegan is really hard. If you like pastries and meat, vegetarianism is not for you. This practice requires extreme dedication, discipline and endurance. It is not for the weak hearted; a reboot is done if a vegetarian grimes his diet with meat. This reboot can be a reduction on the calories they are taking, or a pure vegetarian approach on the meals.

A regular vegetarian eats less than 800-1000 calories per day. This calorie content is inclusive of vegetable meals. Salads are mostly eaten in these meals without any dressing; vegetable and fruit juice as the drinks. 800-1000 calories are extremely low, especially for a heavy eater. Some people who need calories for energy bump it to 1500 calories. They add more complex carbohydrates like wheat products, brown rice and beans.

Panini is a tasty sandwich treat. It consists of bread, meat fillings and cheese. The sandwich is pressed; the hot griddles pressure both slices of the bread to cook and compress the filling, producing a full and stuffing-locked sandwich. There is also Panini whose stuffing is open so the melted cheese is displayed. This adds presentation value to the dish.

Obviously, Panini and vegan diet do not match. As you have read, panini utilizes too much animal products like cheese and the meat filling whereas a vegan diet includes pure vegetable meals. If a vegetarian accidentally eats a regular Panini, he or she would need that dangerous reboot

However, some vegetarians have found a way to spice up their diets by using vegetables as the alternative of a prominent dish. For example in pizzas, they use pure green vegetables on the toppings instead of sausages. This is to avoid getting sick of the regular vegetable meals they eat. They cook the foods themselves to control the ingredients.

For vegans who would like to try the delicious Panini, two recipes below are some ideas you can apply on your vegetarian Panini:

1.) Mushroom Panini

Your meat filling will be the pieces of the mushroom. The mushroom tastes meaty and its soft content makes it comparable to minced meat. Slice each mushroom in half and dip in mushroom cream; make sure it is creamy. Use the cream as the sauce also. You cannot use flat bread for this since there is a soupy ingredient. Use a whole wheat roll instead.

2.) Vegetarian Meatloaf Panini

Yes, you can have your meatloaf ‘vegetarianized’. It will taste like meat but it is not. Form patties off the loaf and cut them to fit in the bread. You can use wheat flat bread or a roll for this. The sauce can be the mushroom cream or your home-made vegetarian sauce. I recommend vegan barbecue sauce

There you go vegan! Remember that you can still experiment on your vegetarian Panini. Bring out your Panini grill and do magic on it. You can do it pizza-style, pasta-style and a lot!

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A 3 Course Meal Guaranteed to Please

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From time to time, we cook, even better when we cook for someone else. Even better when we want to cook and impress female company. Below is a well rounded 3 course meal that any man can cook, that your partner will love.


Salmon Carpaccio

Preparation – 20 Minutes + Refrigeration Serves – 8


?? Medium green capsicum (bell pepper) (100g) diced finely

2 green onions (scallions, chopped finely

400 g piece sashimi salmon, sliced thinly

1 tablespoon free dill sprigs

2 tablespoons lime juice

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Servicing suggestions

Scatter micro leaves over salmon. Serve with thinly sliced toasted bread.

TIP – Cut the salmon as thinly as you like. Freezing the piece of salmon for about 1 hour will make it easier to slice finely. You can finely slice the partly frozen fish using a mandoline or a V-Slicer.


Butterflied Lamb With Fresh Mint Sauce

Preparation + Cook time 40 minutes (+refrigeration and standing) Serves (10)


?? cup (90g) honey

1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard

2 kgs butterflied leg of lamb

?? cup loosely packaged rosemary sprigs

For Mint Sauce

?? cup (110g) firmly packed light brown sugar

?? cup(125 ml) water

1 1/2 cups (375ml) cider vinegar

?? cup finely chopped fresh mint


Serving suggestion – Serve with baby potatoes and a tomato and radish salad. The mint sauce can me made several days ahead. Ask the butcher to butterfly a leg of lamb for you.


Raspberry nougat frozen parfait.

Preparation + Cook time – 25 minutes (+freezing and refrigeration) Serves 8


2 cups (400g) ricotta Cheese

?? cup (165g) caster (superfine) sugar

?? cup (40g whole almonds, roasted, chopped coarsely

150g (4 1/2 ounces) nougat, chopped coarsely

1 ?? cup (310ml) thickened (heavy cream)

1 cup (135g) Frozen raspberries


Tip – it is fine to use just one 300ml carton of cream for this recipe. The parfait can me made a week ahead up to step 3.

Slice with a knife that has been dipped in hot water, before allowing to soften in the refrigerator (step 5)

Serving suggestions – You can serve this with fresh raspberries or with a raspberry compote. For a compote, cook 2 ?? cups (330g) Frozen raspberries, and ?? cup (55g) caster) superfine) sugar in medium saucepan, stirring, over a low heat, until berries are very soft/ Push mixture through coarse sieve into medium bowl, discard seeds. Just before serving, stir 500 g fresh raspberries into berry sauce.

A perfect Match

You could accompany the festive menu with these wine choices.

Salmon Carpaccio – Pinot Grigio

Lamb – Sauvignon Blanc

Raspberry Parfait- champagne or sparkling wine.

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Why Go Meat-Less One Night A Week?

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Have you considered having a ‘meat-free night’ one day each week? Having 1 meatless dinner a week can have all kinds of benefits for you and your family. But how can cutting something OUT give you MORE? When you try a meatless night, you’ll soon discover benefits like improved nutrition, lower fat, lower costs, and even improve the environment.

One day out of each week isn’t much. You don’t have to make drastic changes or stop eating the foods you love. With the abundance of delicious recipes, veggie-friendly restaurants, and even meat-free ready made meals available today, it’s easy to find something meat-free to choose just one night of the week. This little change is so simple anyone can do it, and so important that everyone can make a difference.

How much difference can only 1 night each week make? The climate expert, Rajendra Pachauri, says that livestock are responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. 18% might not seem like much, but scientists at the University of Chicago say that if everyone in the USA had ONE meat-free night each week, it would mean the energy equivalent of 12 billion fewer gallons of gasoline each year. Now THAT’s a lot saved! But what is it like on a more personal scale? For every 2.2 pounds of beef not remove as much carbon dioxide from the air as NOT driving a car 155 miles.

Without all the land cleared for farming animal food, without all the fossil fuel spent on transporting animals and meat around, and without all the animal waste products harming the environment, you already know that cutting out a little meat is good for the planet. But what about you and your family? How can a meat-free night improve your health?

Plant based foods are naturally low fat, low (or free from!) cholesterol, high in vitamins, rich in minerals and full of healthy fiber. Fiber not only helps you to feel full faster, but aids in healthy digestion as well. Growth hormones & antibiotics aren’t used on plants, and most can be cleaned quite well with a safe baking-soda wash. High fiber diets help lower the risk of colon cancer & diverticulitis. Many useful minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc (usually thought of in milk & meat) are also found in abundance in certain leaves, seeds and nuts. Chia seeds actually have more calcium by weight than milk, and spinach is rich in iron. Some of the longest-lived people on earth eat at least 7 servings of vegetables each day (while the USDA recommends only 5), and very little meat. Studies have repeatedly shown that a high-vegetable but low-meat diet is very beneficial. Notice it didn’t mention cutting out ALL meat, just lowering it! Eating some meat is still good for you.

By going meat-free one night, you can save money. Meat has to be prepared, and that’s always going to require electricity, whether it’s the stove, microwave or the oven. If you’re buying pre-cooked, pre-sliced meats, you can expect to pay more too. The more steps that go into preparing a product, the higher the price will be.

Now that you know the benefits of adding a meatless night to your schedule, what steps can you take to actually enjoy it? There are plenty of recipes where you won’t “miss the meat” that don’t require tofu or other meat-substitutes. If you’re worried about not feeling full or not getting enough complete protein from the meal, why not add beans or chia seeds to it? These seeds have complete protein just like meat, but they have no flavor of their own. You can add them to almost anything without changing the taste, and you can’t “not like them” because there is no flavor to dislike. Chia also has calcium, iron, magnesium, and healthy omega-3 oil (that is usually found in fish). When chia seeds encounter liquid, such as water or juice, they form a gel. This allows them to absorb 9 times their weight in water which helps you to feel full.

Since it’s only one night each week, experimentation is easy. The internet has made it faster than ever to locate recipes to try. There are many tasty dishes to try with beans. Beans contain a plant protein, fiber, and trace minerals. Many beans are also rich in anti-oxidants (the darker the bean, the more anti-oxidants it is likely to provide) Their two kinds of fiber aid with digestion and help fill you up, so it’s totally possible to have a ‘hearty meal’ that contains no meat.

It’s up to you to have the fun of discovering great meat-free recipes. Recipes of all types are so easy to find with a simple search, and you never know what you might discover. Maybe you’ll even find your family’s new ‘favorite meal’!

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Finding And Buying The Best Seafood Supplies Online in Alaska United States

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Are you a lover of seafood – crabs, lobsters, scallops and shrimps or do you own a restaurant and are looking for daily fresh seafood supplies? If you have answered any of the above questions in affirmative, you’ve no doubt had both good luck and bad luck when buying these sea foods. The advantages of Alaska Seafood are well known. It is one of the healthiest sources of proteins and omega – 3 fatty acids. One of the most amazing fact that every wife loves and every cook/chef adores is that they are so easy to prepare. This is especially true if you have fresh sea food available with you at the time of cooking. And another fact regarding sea foods is that they are rarely available fresh when you need them. You will have to find a best sea food supplier near your home, be it Alaska which has the largest potential of supplying sea foods or other states of US. Not everyone out here has easy access to quality fish markets. So where do you buy your seafood from?

Did you know you can actually buy fresh Alaskan seafood over the internet from anywhere in the US. If you’re local seafood shop is far from your home, obviously this is the best option for you. Since the seafood will be delivered to your home/restaurants by the provider. If you search for Alaskan seafood on internet, there are more and more online outlets for buying fresh seafood online from all over the world. This is a nice thing. It provides more people a chance to enjoy fresh seafood delivered right to their doorsteps. There are many small, specialized companies where you can buy not only fresh fish and seafood but they deliver excellent seafood either fresh in chilled boxes, frozen or vacuum packed. Think of the convenience of purchasing seafood right from your home. Moms with children will be able to select seafood guaranteeing that the food delivered will be fresh. Any fresher than that and the buyer would have to be wet himself to catch the fish. Alaska’s seafood stocks are holding strong, ensuring that the supply of wild Alaskan crab, shrimp, scallops, salmon and whitefish will continue to be harvested in force. Alaska seafood recipes are not easy to make but easy to find too. Shoppers from around the world rely on the superior quality of fresh seafood caught just off Alaska’s icy, cold waters and shipped to markets all over the world, because Alaska is known for the ideal environment for the development of the strongest, healthiest, and best tasting seafood on the entire planet.

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