Month: October 2018

Heirloom a Vegetable of The Past

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As the time passed we lost a lot of glory of the past. One such thing is heirloom. Heirloom was commonly used once in a while and it lost all its glory after the industrialization of agriculture. Farmers have found it to be non productive and not much profitable. At the same time the new generation fruits like apples etc have become a habit of the people where the heirloom lost its place. Even today it has been grown by somebody either as a monument of the past or out of certain historical interest. Though a variety of heirloom vegetable seeds are available in the market, it is not financially viable to cultivate in a large scale. You can buy vegetable seeds and start growing in your home garden. This will help you to have a different variety of vegetable in your diet once in a while.

Home gardens have become the favorite hobby of the urban middle class nowadays. It helps them to have fresh vegetables as well as earn some extra money too. More over, now it is not difficult to buy vegetable seeds. Various types of genetically improved seeds are available in the market. You can buy vegetable seeds and start your own home garden immediately. There is not much space is required to cultivate these vegetables. More people are going for their favorite vegetables. You can go with the one that is having a great demand in the market. If you buy vegetable seed of that particular species and start growing it, you can certainly earn a good income out of your hobby. If you want to cultivate for your needs only, you can buy vegetable seeds of your favorite ones. In either way you are earning money and also protecting your health as you can have fresh vegetables at your door step.

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to buy vegetable seeds, but you will have to take a bit of care in growing them. If you sow heirloom vegetable seedsor any other seeds in your home garden, you will have to take special care. These plants need regular attention and watering. You will have to add fertilizers from time to time and also may have to use some pesticides and insecticides to protect the plants from the attacks of pests and insects. If you found any leaves or any other parts of the plant to be infected, you have to remove it in time to prevent spreading of the infection to other parts.

Thus, by taking a bit extra pain and strain you can make your home-gardening a profitable one. Along with that you can taste the varieties like heirloom, which was a common vegetable once by sowing heirloom vegetable seeds.

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